Jeff’s Daily Post – I need to get outside!

Well, this is almost my daily post – I missed a few days.  As I move forward I realize that a daily post may be unrealistic but I will do my best to provide updates as frequently as I can and not bore everyone.  Ran my ½ marathon on Tuesday, 6 miles on Wednesday and 8 miles on Thursday (all on the treadmill).  I have to pick up a rental car today for a work trip so I will be going in a little later.  My first thought yesterday was – wonder if I have enough time to run outside?  My schedule lately has been off day Monday (I still work out and ride the bike), treadmill Tuesday thru Thursday (all early morning runs), Tamara and I try to run outside on Friday afternoons (we don’t always get to do that :), on Saturday and Sunday I try to run outside with Sunday being my long run (16 miles each of the last two Sundays).  Contrary to what some may think, I really don’t enjoy all the treadmill runs – I need to get outside and hope to more during the summer.  I just love running outside.  I love the smells, the action, the breeze, the scenery.  I have my normal outside running loops but love when I can mix it up and run a different route.  A few weeks ago, on a Saturday morning, Tamara and I ran in Wildewood (a local community that we both used to run in years ago).  We ran a leisurely 6 miles and talked the whole time.  We ended up at Starbucks enjoying two whey protein banana smoothies (so good!) – Sounds silly but we both remarked about what an amazing time we had, just a great way to start the day!  I love all my runs but I just love to run outside so this morning with the sun barely up I ran outside – 6.2 Miles.  Happy Friday the 13th!


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