Tamara’s Daily Post – Happy Mother’s Day!

What a way to start the morning! Jeff encouraged me to go for a run outside this morning, but I was feeling rather guilty because I knew he wanted to run and I knew I should be with Samantha since it is Mother’s Day. Jeff insisted that I go – so I got ready and headed out the door as he and Samantha were whispering and laughing about something they were about to do. It wasn’t a warm morning, only 58 degrees and cloudy – but for me those are ideal running conditions. I decided to run the same 5 miles down to the entrance of St. James and back to my house. I felt “ok” – not as good as yesterday and I felt a bit slower – nevertheless, I enjoyed running outside early on a Sunday morning. When I returned to the house and uploaded my Garmin, I was happy to see my time was exactly the same as yesterday – 38:35 for a 7:43 pace! And to top it off Samantha showed me the surprise her and Jeff made for me – chocolate chip cookies! Yummmm! What a great Mother’s Day morning!

My Mother's Day Flowers and Cookies



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