Jeff’s Daily Post – 16 Mile South County Trot

For the second Sunday in a row I ran 16 miles!  I headed out this morning with no set plan on how many miles I would run just thought I would start running and see how I feel.  My legs were still a bit sore from the speed run yesterday (I will mention this again – I won my first 5k yesterday :)).  When I left I told Tamara I might be back in 20 minutes or 2 hours – turns out it was 2 hours 10 minutes.  She was a few minutes away from getting in the car to look for me.  I told her not to worry as someone along the busy highway would stop for me or at least I hope they would.  Related note here – A few weeks ago I bought a small prepaid cell phone to take with me so I could make a call in case of emergency.  I have numbers in the phone but didn’t share my number with anyone.  When I got back from running Tamara and I discussed how she didn’t know my number and I told her I would give it to her.  I decided instead to just call her so she would have the number on her phone….when I called her phone she ignored the call because she didn’t know the number – so even if I was stranded I’m not sure she would have answered my call 🙂 – happy that potential issue is now fixed.  So back to my run – I decided I would just take a right from Tamara’s house and head down towards Ridge and just turn around when I felt like it.  When I’m running long distances I prefer to do an up and back since you have to make it back and every mile you run is like two miles on the return.  About a mile in the run it started to drizzle, I thought about turning back but it didn’t look like a downpour and the rain actually felt good.  So, I kept running – thought about turning around at 4 but kept moving along 5, 6, 7, and 8.   At the 8 mile mark I was concerned about just making it back thinking I might have to pull out the ole cell phone (not that anyone would have answered) so I turned around.  I felt pretty good through mile 13 then definitely started to feel it in my legs, miles 13 through 16 were a bit painful but I kept pushing and made it back in 2 hours 9 minutes.  Happy that the run was over but as I sit down and write this I’m thinking my first 20 miler could be on the horizon!


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