Six in the Afternoon

So after work today I decided to go out for another run, I already ran 3 miles this morning. The weather was beautiful, a bit windy but overall the conditions were good. Tamara and I normally try to run together on Fridays but she still isn’t feeling the best and told me that “she forgot her running clothes” :). Not sure why but I definitely enjoy the morning runs more. I think one part of it is I find it difficult to determine what to eat and when to eat it. Most of the Friday afternoon runs are around 3, too early for dinner but I start getting hungry at around 4 🙂 – but I love running outside and will always take advantage of the opportunity when I can. I’m signed up for a 5k tomorrow, The 2nd Annual Women in Defense Run on base – I’m not sure if I’m running it yet or not . I want to run a bit longer tomorrow and I’m not sure I want to take the hours out of my day for such a short run. This one will be a game time decision. Oh, one other reason I wanted to run today – Mom is daving a birthday dinner for Dad tonight and I want to get an extra piece of his legendary orange cake! Happy Birthday Dad!!


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