You run in those shoes?

I still remember the day, the shocked look on her face, the disbelief in her eyes when she looked down and saw my shoes.  You run in those shoes?  Of course I do I replied, they are my New Balance Cross Trainers (purchased from Kohl’s for $39.95).  I mean why would she question my shoes?  I’ve worn these shoes for everything, biking, tennis, trips to the mall, the Tiki Bar, vacations and many other occasions.  Why wouldn’t they be good for running?  At this point I’ve been running in these shoes for a few months and upon questioning from Tamara I must admit I’m now asking myself the same question.  You run in those shoes?  I’m also a bit embarrassed that I didn’t realize that I should probably have a special shoe for running but at this point I didn’t really consider myself a runner.  So a few weeks later Tamara took me to my first running store – VA Runner in Fredericksburg.  It’s funny looking back on that day, I felt so out of place and couldn’t believe I was about to pay $100 for a pair of running shoes.  The friendly staff brought out a stack of shoes and asked me to try on a pair and go outside and run.  Go outside and run, really, you want to watch me run?  So I go outside and run while being observed by the staff of the running store.  After a few laps around the parking lot and a keen eye they determine I need a neutral shoe.  After looking through the stack of shoes I decide on the Ghost 3 from Brooks.  A few minutes later I walk out with my first “official” pair of running shoes and a bit of a swagger because now I’m a runner!  It’s all about the shoes!  Since then, I’ve purchase 6 additional pairs of my “Official Running Shoe” The Brooks Ghost 3.



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